A special thanks

To Gaia Dunstan Cloe and Francesca Vumbaca, for interviewing the volunteers and the clients in the Charity Shops and for writing the articles about these interviews

To Elisa Timarco, for helping with the writing of the interviews articles, for finding the link of the Charity Shops link and creating a map with shop’s and house location

To Livia Pignatti, for helping with writing of the interviews articles and for the timetable of what we did during the week

To Tommaso D’Acunzio, IT tecnician, for crating the website and arranging the layout of the articles, pictures and videos inside the blog

To Spadaccini Damiano, for creating the video and helping with the organisation of the blog

To Giulio Gallo that wrote the article with his personal feeling and thoughts of this trip

And to all our classmates who helped by taking and sending pictures s for the website’s gallery and for article with their impression on this work experience