The true value of this experience

“The true extra value I found was to  feel as a Dubliner and not as a tourist. I woke up at the same time the workers did, I took the same bus they take, I appreciated the fact that there was no congestion and the bus was always on time, I saw them taking a coffee with me at the bar, I worked with some of them. I had the chance to know the society, the workers, how does it feel not to visit a city but to live in another one, to cut a long story short, how it feels to be a Dubliner. “

Here in Italy we go to the bar to have break and cofee together, in Ireland the workers go to Starbucks to work. They have meetings, call conferences, they write, take notes…of course they all wear a suit or are very elegant. This is in my opinion the best part of a travel, know how is it to live in a foreign country. The aim of the travel is to know the habits and traditions, to compare and underline differences to live an experience that can make us less focused on our small reality and make us feel instead like a true world citizen


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