Interviews to the clients

Some questions to see charity shops through a customer’s eyes.

Why do you buy in charity shops?

Djamal, 26 – “In charity shops I can purchase stuff that I wouldn’t be able to afford in normal shops.”

Anne, 53 – “I like thinking that I’m supporting a good cause.”

Christine, 32 – “Here I can find vintage and original clothes that I wouldn’t find elsewhere.”

Do you know what the shop raises money for?

Anne, 53 – “I do, and if I don’t I usually ask the cashier or the sales assistant about the organisation they work or volunteer for.”

Christine, 32 – “Unless it’s contained in the name of the shop and therefore it’s obvious, I don’t know. I enter the shop if I’m attracted by the shop window display.”

Do you ever donate clothes or goods to charity shops?

Rose, 78 – “Of course! If I want to get rid of something it’s good to do it helping other people.”

Denzel, 36 – “Yes because I like the idea of objects that I don’t need anymore having a second life.”

Are you generally satisfied with what you buy in charity shops?

Djamal, 26 – “Yes, because things are good for their price.”

Do you think volunteers have an important role in these associations?

Anne, 53 – “I think that they have a very important role as if they had to pay for employees their profit would be less, and therefore the money donated for their cause would be less.”

Rose, 78 – “Yes, because I don’t know how charity shops would manage to go on without them.”


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