Work Experience

What was your experience in the charity shop like?

  • “Afterall I think that it was a very interesting experience but maybe I would have appreciated it more if they had given me something more to do. We were three volunteers but we were not considered as I imagined: indeed all I had to do was to tight up clothes or other items instead of working at the till or giving prices to clothes. I would have appreciated more the experience if they would have spent time teaching us something we did not know yet.”
  • “This was my first experience in a charity shop. it was very demanding, I felt a lot of responsibility on myself. There were times when I worked a lot and some moments that I was not considered by the other clerks. I worked in this shop for a week. I took care of arranging clothes, books, DVDs, CDs and sheets. In my shop there was a French boy with whom I spoke a few times, just to ask if he could help me.”
  • “The other people inside the shop were always available and patient and I always felt secure of myself. I can consider myself quite satisfied about this experience, since, even if I were the only one of my group in that shop, I can’t say that I was bored. In fact I always had a task to fulfil,l like tagging with labels or arrange clothes in the shop, else iron out clothes with the steam (which was the first time for me to do that)  in the back shop where I could also listen to the radio or have conversations with the other staff members, which have always been polite and primarily patient with me.
    Of course, there weren’t only negative aspects. I had the opportunity to know better some classmates and to have good time with them! ”
  • “Compared to the experience other classmates did, I found mine less interesting and less useful. We had to work in a very small, messy, sloppy, chaotic room, which had an even smaller storage room. We always had to look for something to do and, even when a task was assigned to us, it was pretty useless. Indeed we did the task, but then we had to unravel it. As example, the very first day we had to sort all the books in the shop. We did the best we could, only to discover that all the books we had pleasantly arranged had to be moved in other shop. It was quite frustrating.”

Did you find an extra-value in this experience? What was it?

  • “Yes, I did. First of all I understood how to use some expressions to speak with customers or how to fix in the right way all the clothes or books.”
  • “For sure I did, as a matter of fact I can say that, a part from the technical skills that I’ve learned, like using the steam, I understood better what it means to have responsibilities, including punctuality and care towards people and things.”
  • “yes, I did. I felt more responsibility during this experience. I also put away my shyness about speaking english with other people.”
  • “Although, as I said, I cannot consider my experience completely positive, of course I cannot consider it as a negative one. First of all my English improved. I learnt how to say some specific shop related words and it was a good way to practice English, as I needed to speak with the Manager and, sometimes, with the customers. Secondly, it taught me patience and responsibility. Thirdly, I had the chance to spend some extra time with some of my classmates which I did not knew very well. But the true extra value I found was to  feel as a Dubliner and not as a tourist. I woke up at the same time the workers did, I took the same bus they take, I appreciated the fact that there was no congestion and the bus was always on time, I saw them taking a coffee with me at the bar, I worked with some of them. I had the chance to know the society, the workers, how does it feel not to visit a city but to live in another one, to cut a long story short, how it feels to be a Dubliner.”

Do you know how is the money earned used for?

  • ” The money are earned used in beneficence for people that need help.”
  • “The money the shop earned is used for blind people and for people with vision impaired, which i discovered are around 60000 in Ireland”

Did you buy any item in one of these shop?

  • “Yes, I bought two DVDs and one book, and I took advantage for buying some presents.”
  • “Actually I didn’t even if I wanted, but during the work time I was too busy to devote time choosing a t-shirt or a book to buy and after work I had to take the bus since my shop were quite far from the others , so I’ve always been in a rush.”
  • “No, I didn’t buy anything. I took 5 DVDs for my father. I asked to pay them but the manager said me that I could take them free. “
  • “I bought two books.They were very cheap and as new as they have just came out of a library. I think everyone should buy something there because it can help people in needs.”
  • “In Italy we don’t have charity shop, but I think there should be some instead. Not only a charity shop can help people in needs, but it is also a good way of recycling books, clothes, toys and all the old stuff.Furthermore all the things that are given to the charity shop are sold at a very low price, so even poorer people can afford very good and high quality clothes or nice books.”

What do you think of the charity shop in your country?

  • “In Italy these kind of shops are not so many or at least they are not famous. However some people, in some occasions, organize events in which other people donate clothes or old games.”
  • “In Rome there are few charity shops. Flea market are very common in my city, especially in some squares of the city, but I never go to these shops. “
  • “I had been volunteering before, so that wasn’t my first experience, but I have to admit that I have always the same feeling when I volunteer: i feel like I am doing something very useful and, in way, helping the world to become a better place. I think helping others  should be the only reason to volunteer. Unfortunately, there are people that volunteer only for their own satisfaction and to receive other’s congratulations.
    Nowadays volunteering can be very useful. Even if it looks like we can’t do a lot to improve our society, instead the help of everyone is needed and can make the difference. As Mother Teresa once said, <<There are billions of water drops in the ocean, but without them, there would be no ocean>>. “

Did you like working as a volunteer and do you think that volunteering is important nowadays?

  • “I enjoyed being a volunteer because I liked working with people who did it during the whole year just for helping others. I think that nowadays volunteering should be taught to kids since they are young: it is important to devote time helping other people. Moreover I heard that volunteering increases your chances of getting a job if it is written on your CV.”
  • “I’m really glad I gave my time for such a good reason , it made me feel like I was not wasting my time, but instead I was being part of it, my contribute really meant something for someone else.”
  • “I really enjoyed working as a volunteer. I worked to help other people that, from my point of view, is the best thing that you can do. We must help people that have some difficulties. I learned a lot from this experience and  I would like to do this experience again.”

How much time did you devote in the charity shop?

  • “40 hours”
  • “I worked 40 hours divided in 5 days. “


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